8th Grade Newsletter

once again!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the nice weather.  The weeks
ahead are busy here at school.  This Friday there is no school for
students because it is a teacher grading day.  Next week, there is only
school on Monday and Tuesday because of conferences on Wednesday and
Thursday.  Students should be bringing home sheets so you can choose what
time works best for you, so please sign and return those as quickly as
possible.  We all look forward to meeting with you next week!  Here
is what is currently happening in the classroom:

Language Arts:  This week we are continuing to work on different
literary devices.  For example, students wrote a poem in class today
utilizing their knowledge of similes and metaphors.  We will continue to
explore and apply various poetic devices this week as well as begin speeches
for Novel Project # 3 which will culminate next week.  Please be sure to
have your child practice in front of you or the family dog!
Monday- Today we will be continuing to graph quadratic equations in
standard form
Tuesday-  Students will work with quadratic equations written
in vertex form
Wednesday- Students will graph equations in vertex form
Thursday- Students will solve quadratic equations by square
Monday and Tuesday- Students will be working with multiplication of
terms with exponents
Wednesday and Thursday- Students will be working with division of
terms with exponents
We will begin our week with a visit from the high school
counselors who will talk about Freshman registration. Students will have a chance
to ask questions and find out how to sign up for classes. We will spend the
rest of the week finishing our unit on Manifest Destiny. On Tuesday and
Wednesday we will be looking at primary source documents on the War with Mexico to
determine the causes of the war. We will have our Assessment on this unit on
Thursday. Students have notes and a map that they can be reviewing at home to
SCIENCE:We will be conducting a scientific work-sample this week. All work-samples need to
be completed by Thursday 4/10/14. Any students experiencing absences will need
to come in before or after school to complete the work-sample. 
Finish Sugar Cube Lab write up
Plop-Plop Fizz-Fizz Lab (background, hypothesis, procedures)
Conduct Lab
Final write up