Cole Calhoun

Student Spotlight

“Cole Calhoun is an eighth-grade student at Crook County Middle School.  Cole’s steadfast desire to improve himself and help those around him are contagious as he demonstrates selfless service and leadership in the building. As a student who has already claimed his future, Cole often interfaces with his teachers at lunchtime and then helps other students who are struggling to learn. He can be seen frequently throughout the building as an office aide helping others and holding the front doors open and greeting students with a positive message as they arrive at school. He partnered with another student to initiate a weekly meeting for athletes to build character on and off the field. Fifteen athletes are currently attending, and the number grows weekly.  Cole Calhoun exemplifies Colt mentality, and he is paving the way for others to follow him to a bright future.” — Scott Buchanan, 8th Grade Teacher


Maggie Kasberger

maggie kasberger
Crook County Heroes has chosen our very own Maggie Kasberger as this week’s hero! Each week a local student is recognized for making a difference in their school and community. Maggie is an 8th grader here at CCMS and a role model to her fellow students and teachers. Listen now to this 5-minute podcast with Maggie and hear the excitement and energy in a young woman who is clearly going to make a difference in the world!