Greetings from the Principal





Welcome to Crook County Middle School! We trust your Summer was memorable and hope that you are excited for a successful year at CCMS. It is our desire that you find our school a welcoming and safe place for our students where we partner to serve the success of their individual goals. Part of creating an effective learning environment involves the physical building itself. Thanks to our supportive community CCMS is completing Phase 2 of our renovations and improvements. They include: interior/exterior paint, interior doors, fire alarm, bus lane, tennis court removal, hot water system, and heating system. Our building is over 60 years old and with this investment we intend for it to be a safer, more efficient, and increasingly effective educational environment.

However, we know effective schools are not just the physical environment. Our staff, students, families, and community are what truly makes our school a special place. As we begin a new academic year, we also welcome new faces to the CCMS staff. We are excited to introduce Kim Goehring – Office Secretary, Roger Martin – Waypoint Lab/Academy, Jared Keen – 7th Grade L.A. / S.S., and Andrew Baldwin – 6th Grade Science. Along with the rest of the staff, it is our mission to deliver a comprehensive academic support system, provide highly effective instruction, create a 21st century learning environment, and extend multiple instructional strategies to engage students. This is all part of our commitment to every child, every day.

In accomplishing our mission it is vital that our students value the key components that have made CCMS one of the highest performing middle schools in the state regarding individual student learning gains. Be here all day every day. We know emergencies and sickness sneak up on us, but students also can’t learn if they aren’t here. Please communicate with us if an absence occurs. Get involved. Significant learning does not occur without a significant relationship. Participate in the variety of electives, sports, and clubs that CCMS has to offer. Give your best. Effort and work ethic matter and they will be required to perform at a high level in school and life. All students deserve success and giving your best effort is a part of that process.

Please feel encouraged to visit our website regularly to receive school information, teacher contact information, and online grade reports, among other updates. If you have not done so feel free to “Like” us on Facebook and follow along. We will try to post multiple times per week for routine school information in addition to fun happenings around CCMS.

We look forward to working with you as we make this year a terrific experience. Thank you for the opportunity to educate your child.


Go Colts!

Kurt Sloper