Mr. Sloper

 Welcome to Crook County Middle School!

We hope that you are excited for new beginnings at CCMS. I would like to first introduce myself as the school’s new principal for the upcoming year. This year marks my 4th at CCMS and 10th in the Crook County School District. I previously served our school as Assistant Principal. This is a position now held by Kimberly Bonner.


 Administration and Office Staff



Bristow, Doug (541) 447-6283
Ext. 3407
Counselor/Dean Of Student
Coffman, Jeff (541) 447-6283
Ext. 3411
School Resource Officer
Cooley, Krista (541) 447-6283
Ext. 3402
Goehring, Kimberly (541) 447-6283
Ext. 3410
Hollis, Laurie (541) 447-6283
Ext. 3403
Office Manager
Miner, Rocky (541) 447-6283
Ext. 3406
Assistant Principal
Sloper, Kurt (541) 447-6283
Ext. 3405