Welcome to Crook County Middle School!

We hope that you are excited for new beginnings at CCMS. I would like to first introduce myself as the school’s new principal for the upcoming year. This year marks my 4th at CCMS and 10th in the Crook County School District. I previously served our school as Assistant Principal.This is a position now held by Kimberly Bonner.

Mr. Sloper

Mrs. Bonner

Another great year is upon us at Crook County Middle School. The staff and students make this an exceptional place to be!! I am looking forward to watching our students excel academically and socially, growing to reach their individual potential. Go Colts!

Mrs. Bonner

Administration and Office Staff

Kimberly Bonner Asst. Principal 541-447-6283 Ext 3406
Doug Bristow Counselor/Dean Of Student 541-447-6283 Ext 3407
Kimberly Goehring Attendance/Athletic/Website 541-447-6283 Ext 3410
Jeff Coffman School Resource Officer 541-447-6283 Ext 3411
Krista Cooley Registrar 541-447-6283 Ext 3402
Laurie Hollis Office Manager 541-447-6283 Ext 3403
Kurt Sloper Principal 541-447-6283 Ext 3405