Sixth Grade Expectations and Contract

House 6-2 Class Expectations
Ms. Lea/Mrs. Meadows/Mr. Parker
Everyone Does Everything

S-Sit up in your chair
L-Lean and Listen to the speaker or partner
A-Ask and then answer-no hand raising
N-Nod for understanding/Thumbs up/0-5
T-Track the teacher or speaker

Academic: Assignments and tests related to Critical Content
Citizenship: Behavior, Participation, Printouts, Openers

90-100 % = A Exceeds the benchmark for 6th grade
80-89 % = B Meets the benchmark for 6th grade
70-79 % = C Below benchmark
60-69 % = D Below benchmark
59- 0 % = F Below benchmark
*Any academic assignment below 80 % can be retaken
Grades will be posted every Friday beginning Sept. 21st. Printouts will be sent home at least once every 2 weeks beginning September 21st for parent signature.

Homework and Assignments

Our philosophy about homework is this. We work our students hard while they are in class. We believe families are quite busy outside of school so any homework your child might have from us should not take more than 30-45 minutes to complete. Here are our standard homework assignments.
1. If a student does not finish the assignment in class then they have
homework. Most work is due the following day.
2. From time to time we will have projects which will require time spent at home working on them.
3. No extra credit given. Students have the opportunity to make up
assignments and tests with 79% or less within 10 days.


1. When a student is absent it is their responsibility to ask for assignments. The student has the number of days absent to make up work. (Parents can call in the morning and request homework when a student is absent)
2. Late work needs to be turned in timely. Work that is later than ten days will receive a Zero.
3. Study/Make up sessions are available before and after school most days from 3:00-3:40. Check with individual teachers.

We are looking forward to a great year with your students.
If you wish to contact us Phone 447-6283 Ext 228 Ext 230 Ext 231
If you have any other questions please be sure to call or email us.