New Announcement Regarding Sports Spectator Policy

We are excited and thankful for the opportunity to bring spectators onsite to attend competitions. Our kids are incredibly deserving of our support and encouragement. As the public has the opportunity to attend, it does come with COVID restrictions and regulations. The following procedures and Game Management Plan are required per Oregon Health Authority:

*Masks and/or facial coverings are to be worn at all times.

*Social Distancing of 6 ft. per person must occur in the grand stands (Households may sit together.)

*Each spectator will be required to fill out an entry form listing their contact information and answer 4 questions regarding COVID symptoms.

*The seating area for all football spectators will be in the grand stands of Ward Rhoden Stadium.

*CCMS students may only attend the game with a supervising parent, who they must sit with. No unsupervised students are allowed.

*Spectators are to only attend the game of their player, and then leave the game venue. Example: Come and watch your 7th grade player play in the 7th grade
game, then leave right after to make space for the 8th grade game. This allows space for the next group of spectators to watch their game and avoid capacity

If for whatever reason, someone can not adhere to these guidelines we encourage them to not attend, and instead watch on our live feed via Facebook Live or
Youtube. Go Colts!