School Supply Donations Pour In


On Tuesday afternoon, barrels, tubs, boxes and bags of school supplies poured into the Family Access Network headquarters at Crooked River Elementary.

Just in time for the new school year, Fortis Construction and Rosendin, along with many of their trade partners, donated two pickups full of school supplies to FAN.

These donations aren’t just pencils and glue sticks. These are backpacks, 3-inch binders for AVID students, and scientific calculators in addition to the traditional paper, crayons and erasers. FAN Advocates will disperse the supplies to students as needed throughout the school year.

Fortis Construction and Rosendin organized a school supply drive Aug. 7-23, encouraging construction site workers to donate quality school supplies or cash. The Rosendin company and data center workers pitched in nearly $2,000 in cash, which was used to purchase additional high-need supplies.

FAN Advocates have been busy handing out school supplies and allowing families to shop in the closing closets this week as they prepare for school to start after Labor Day.