I Got This

I-GOT-THISCCMS staff rolled out our rally cry…”I Got This” on Friday, November 21st at a school-wide assembly.  The idea is to empower students to stand up for themselves and each other, while encouraging unity within the student body.  We are striving to enhance our culture of a supportive environment where everyone feels safe, included and valued.  The concept of “I Got This” incorporates the bystander strategy where a third party, observing a situation, no longer stands by, but instead…steps up.  Using a story of a student who once treated unkindly, became the recipient of peer support. Completely changing the culture of their school was the motivation we used at our assembly to promote the idea that students can be empowered to engage each other positively here as well.  The idea was rolled out by CCMS staff proudly wearing shirts that boldly state “ I Got This” across the back.  Our students were captivated and we are excited to watch our students live “I Got This.”