Student Spotlight

Matney is absolutely one of a kind. She epitomizes the word “excellence” in everything she does. Matney consistently produces exceptional work, has a dedicated and tenacious attitude toward learning, problem solving and completing tasks; but she also goes above and beyond in her student leadership role.

Matney Searcy

Matney has the type of emotional and intellectual maturity that is rarely seen for someone her age. She easily recognizes what needs to be done and tackles the task at hand flawlessly, without fail. Counting on Matney to do something and knowing it will be done right is a guarantee.

As a 4.0 student, a successful athlete, and a leader inside and outside of the classroom, Matney possesses a unique ability to be a friend to all. She innately leads her peers without being pretentious. Because Matney is so caring and thoughtful, others look to her for friendship and support.

She has an incredible, inspirational future ahead of her and deserves all the great things that will come her way. Staff cannot say enough about what kind of amazing student and incredible person she is and there is no doubt that she will stand in the minds of many as one of the finest young ladies to ever come through Crook County Middle School.