• CCMS 7th Graders from 2nd. quarter Outdoor Exploration elective discover wonders at Fryrear Canyon!
  • All-State Honor Choir – Hannah Jones!
  • Student Spot Light – Mason Calhoun
  • Everyday Preventive Actions That Can Help Fight Germs, Like Flu
  • The walls of the CCMS gyms were painted during the holiday break.

Upcoming Events


  • Welcome Back! Kurt Sloper Principal

      Greetings! Welcome to Crook County Middle School! We trust your Summer was memorable and hope that you are excited for a successful year at CCMS. It is our desire that you find our school a welcoming and safe place for our students where we partner to serve the success of their individual goals. Part of creating an effective learning environment involves the physical building itself. Thanks to our supportive community CCMS, Phase 2 of our bond construction project and seismic upgrades were completed over the Summer. Our building is over 60 years old and with this investment we intend for it to be a safer, more efficient, and increasingly effective educational environment. Additionally, our staff and students will experience new instructional technology within their classrooms. Every classroom is equipped with a new projector, iPad/Document Camer, Apple T.V., and teacher laptop. This technology is in addition to each student at […]

Post of the Week

  • CCMS Wetlands Wetlands

    7th-grade students from Crook County Middle School visited the new Crooked River Wetlands facility to collect data on birds, macroinvertebrates, water quality, soil, and plants.  Students also spent time doing artwork or taking photos of the area.  This was the second of three trips students will make to the facility this year.  Student projects will be presented at […]